Grow your business with a customised workforce plan

Workforce planning is a critical aspect of any business strategy. A good workforce plan will enable your business to optimise operations and ensure sustained productivity.

Grow your business with a free, customised workforce plan. Connect with an Industry Workforce Advisor.

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With the rapid pace of technological advancements and evolving consumer demands, the manufacturing sector is undergoing significant transformations. As a result, the skills required for the workforce are also evolving, making it essential for businesses to plan for their current and future workforce needs.

By implementing a workforce plan, businesses can effectively reduce employee turnover, identify strategies to attract and retain staff in key roles to enable productive operations. A good workforce plan will also provide a structured approach to enhancing skills of existing employees, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills to keep pace with industry changes, and drive the business forward.

Working with an Industry Workforce Advisor

The Industry Workforce Advisor program offers valuable support to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 employees. This program provides access to free workforce planning assistance, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of developing a robust workforce plan.

Through this initiative, our Industry Workforce Advisors will collaborate with businesses in the manufacturing sector to create a tailored workforce plan that aligns with their specific needs and objectives.

An Industry Workforce Advisor works directly with small and medium businesses to:

  • Identify workforce challenges and opportunities unique to the manufacturing sector, and develop a workforce plan
  • Suggest options to address any challenges identified in the plan, including how a business might access a grants and incentives
  • Refer small businesses to the Queensland Government’s Workforce Connect Fund for new and innovative human resource (HR) solutions
  • Assist small and medium businesses to develop attraction and recruitment strategies to access diverse groups, and other potential labour supply (e.g., skilled migration)
  • Connect small and medium businesses with an Industry Skills Advisor to discuss training and skills development options

Grow your business with a customised workforce plan.

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What you can expect?

  • An initial appointment with an Industry Workforce Advisor in-person, over the phone or virtual
  • Facilitated discussion to develop your workforce plan
  • Workforce plan review, and advice
  • Connection to grants, incentives and other programs that fit into your plan
  • Additional appointments on request to provide workforce advice and guidance

Key Benefits

Attract and employ staff with the skills needed to enable productive operations
Reduce employee turnover
Improve identification of staff training and development needs
Create a strategic workforce plan that supports your business to succeed

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible for the Industry Workforce Advisor program if you are a small business or medium business (with up to 200 employees) registered in Queensland who:

  • Is a manufacturer
  • Wants assistance to develop a workforce plan
  • Wants to include diversity within their workplace
  • Wants to engage with government agencies to support workforce solutions
  • Completes and expression of interest form

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About the program

The Industry Workforce Advisor program is an initiative of the Queensland Government, designed to support small and medium sized businesses enabling them to address workforce challenges, diversify their workforces, and support workforce growth.

The Industry Workforce Advisor program is funded by the Queensland Government as part of the Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032.

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