What we do

Manufacturing Skills Queensland offers a range of programs designed to future-proof the manufacturing industry in Queensland. Recognising the rapid changes and emerging trends in the manufacturing industry brought by technological advancements and global competition, MSQ is committed to providing relevant training, enhancing skills, and fostering workforce development. Programs are designed to support small, medium and large businesses, leaders in industry and individuals.

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Our Programs

Our programs aim to build the skills and capability of the manufacturing workforce, while attracting and supporting sustainability and inclusivity.

Industry Workforce Advisor Program

Manufacturing Industry Workforce Advisors program (IWA) will give you the right workforce planning advice, solutions and connections for your business to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce ready for a thriving future in manufacturing.

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Industry Skills Advisory Program

Manufacturing Industry Skills Advisors program (ISA) will engage with employers, small businesses and other industry stakeholders to provide high quality, evidence-based industry advice and intelligence about current and emerging industry direction, regional skills needs and training solutions, jobs growth and employment opportunities.

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What are the benefits of our programs?

Designed based on advice from employers, peaks, training organisations, unions and other stakeholders
Improve leadership capability of manufacturers
Training solutions for in-demand skills
Building diversity in manufacturing to create a resilient, future-proofed industry

How we design programs

Manufacturing Skills Queensland’s team of highly skilled professionals actively engages with industry stakeholders to capture crucial insights and data, forming the foundation for the development of the annual training plan and other essential programs and services. By leveraging these insights, we can effectively identify key skills requirements within the manufacturing industry, address critical workforce challenges, and align training programs with the evolving needs of manufacturers. This evidence-based approach ensures that the initiatives and support provided by Manufacturing Skills Queensland will have the greatest impact.